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Sonoma Bigfoot Video: Nine Years Ago Today
A Few Underused Medicinal Mushrooms
A Secret United States Program Uses Airplanes To Gather Americans' Cell Phone Data & Info
“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price
Obama In China: Taking Candy From A Baby
Dead Or Alive? Conflicting Reports Over ‘White Widow’ Terrorist Killing In The Ukraine (PHOTOS)
The Russia-Ukraine Gas Deal Now Unravelling
Japan: Doctors Threatened For Revealing Data On How Bad Fukushima-Related Illnesses Are
Public School: A Conspiracy Against Ourselves
Ebola Patients Are Mysteriously ‘Disappearing’
Monsanto Just Stole Another Election (PDF)
Ontario: Judge To Decide If Aboriginal Girl Should Be Taken From Family, Forced to Take Chemo
Son of Stuxnet: The Digital Hunt for DUQU, A Dangerous And Cunning US-Israeli Spy Virus
Eviscerating Yugoslavia: The Banca Nacionale De Lavoro, Yugo and Lawrence  Eagleburger
European Comet Probe Starts Drilling, But Controllers Are Still Seeking Its Exact Location
Can Quitting Your Job Help Stop A War?
Why Aren't Crooked Bankers In Prison?
Ottawa Gunman Had Taken Parliament Tour
Hungary: The Next "Regime Change" Target?
Former Egyptian Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass Faces Questions Over Pyramid Theft
5,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered
26 HQ Photographs By Rosetta And Philae
Rosetta Probe Is Now Resting In The Dark
Ten Witnesses Whose Testimony Absolutely Rocked The Charbonneau Commission
FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance
How the Stock Market Could Save Some Fish
Vaccines And The “Herd Immunity” Nonsense
Become Informed About Vaccination Through An Extensive Vaccine Research Library (VIDEO)
Google Is Now Leasing NASA's Moffett Field, A Historic Hangar For A Whopping $1.2 Billion
16 Tips for Coping Without Running Water
UFO Experts Emphasize That 'We Are Not Alone'
Megasunspot’s Outbursts Surprise Scientists
Moscow Has Denied NATOs Allegations of the Russian Military Crossing Over Into the Ukraine
US: 'No Nation Is Perfect.' 'We Crossed the Line.' (Don't Expect Accountability for Torture Legacy)
A Real-Life 'Unicorn' Has Been Found; This Deer Has Extremely Rare Deformity (PHOTO)
5 Honeys Known for Their Medicinal Power
The Paracultural Calendar for November 13th
Nicki Minaj's "Only", or How Rappers Give Tribute To Their Elite Overlords - Vigilant Citizen
Who Decided to Put 60 Seconds in a Minute?
ISIS Unveils New Gold-Backed Currency To Remove Itself From "Oppressors' Money System"
Soren Dreier: Why Violent Protests Are Not The Answers To Defeating The Dark Forces 
4 Famous Mysteries w.Really Obvious Answers
10 Choices That You Will Regret In Ten Years
Every 65 Minutes a US Veteran Kills Themself
15 Doomsday Fictions May Soon Become Reality
Don’t Stop and Smell These Flowers (PHOTOS)
Who Built This Siberian Summer Palace & Why?
Toxic Chemicals In Beauty Salons Are Linked To Many Adverse Health Effects, Including Cancer
Middle East: ISIS Is Plundering Archaeological Treasures At 'Unprecedented' Pace (PHOTOS)
A 360° Camera For Streaming Virtual Reality
Ventura: Military Doesn't 'Fight for Our Freedom'
United States Presidenet Barack Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be The Most Important Step Towards A Single World Economic System
McConnell’s Ties to a Shadowy Shipping Co
Henderson: The Council On Foreign Relations
The United States Military Considers Sending Combat Troops To Battle The ISIS Forces In Iraq
The Dissolution Of A Contrived Civilization
New Nessie Video Has Been Captured on iPhone
How Putin Is Winning The "New Cold War"
"An Entire Platoon Wearing Wearable Robots"
FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance
Russian Naval Vessels Are Currently On The Move North Of Australia In The Leadup To G20
Believe: 44 Reasons Cell Phones Cause Cancer
A Big, Fast and Agile Creature in the Woods
The United States Pentagon Now Wants An Airborne Aircraft Carrier To Launch Their Drones
Afghanistan Opium Crop Set For Record High
Will The Planned Antichrist Actually Be A Lama?
Mind-Control Device Lets People Alter The Genes In Mice Through The Power of Thought (CHART)
The Pedophile Hunters: The Vigilantes Who Are Now Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands
A Vaccine For A Disease That Doesn’t Exist?
China Is Now Set To Pump Billions Of Dollars Into The Russian Real Estate Construction Industry
Student Facing Terror Charges After Decorating HS Bathroom With Laughable 'Satanic' Graffiti
RCMP Has Said That Sewing Needles Have Been Found in 10 Potatoes From Prince Edward Island
Alien Conspiracy Theorists Think That The Gov't Is On The Verge Of Spilling Some Big Secrets
Top 6 Alkaline Foods To Eat For Vibrant Health
Alberta: New Species of Dinosaur Discovered
The Largest International Study Into The Safety of GM Food Has Been Launched By Russian NGO
Mother Says Ghost of US Marine Killed In Battle 30 Years Ago Is Possessing Her 4-Year-Old Son
The Philae Name Game: Isis and Obelisks
Petrodollar Panic? China Has Just Signed A Currency Swap Deal With Both Qatar & Canada
Massive Gold Withdrawals Rock The COMEX
Displacing Matrix & Power of Spiritual Cymatics
Sweden - Most Cash-Free Society on the Planet
Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter
G20 Countries Are Spending Approximately $88 Billion A Year To Subsidize Climate Disaster
We Won’t Let Israeli Extremists ‘Contaminate’ Temple Mount; Warns of Global ‘Religious War’
The Stunning Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt
School Demonstrates 'Active Shooter' System
Mexico’s Murderous SWAT Teams (PHOTOS)
Fearing Bombs That Can Pick Whom to Kill
Western Evidence of Russian Invasion Baloney
US: The Taliban's Ban On Poppy A Success
US President Barack Obama: China Should ‘Underwrite Global Order, Not Undermine It’
The United States and China Have Reached a Climate Accord After Several Months of Talks
Obama & Putin Are Odd Couple At Apec Summit
Ex-MI6 Chief Named As Sexual Abuser of Boys
A Dollar Collapse? A World Bank Whistleblower Has Predicted A Global Currency on the Way
Russian Tanks Move Across Ukraine Border
The Spiritual Secrets of Sound (VIDEO)
China Tests Malaria Drug on African Nation
False Flag Warning New York City: Full-Scale ‘Ebola’ Pandemic Drill To Go Live November 13th
Large Transparent V Shape Craft / UFOs Or Top Secret Aircraft Spotted Flying Low Over Japan
The Ancient Proclamation of Human Rights
Fukushima: Japan Has Chosen To Incinerate Tons Of Radioactive Waste Product (PHOTOS)
Gallery: Luxury Survival Condo (PHOTOS)
52 Most Common Misconceptions In The World
The Agony And The Ecstasy: The Quiet Mission Of Fighting PTSD With MDMA (PHOTOS)
Which is the World's Deadliest Spider, Really?
Violent Protests in Ferguson, Missouri (PHOTOS)
The Effects of Poor Eating Habits On The Immune System Last Long After Diet Improves
Learning How Little We Know About the Brain
US Nurses To Strike Over Ebola Measures
NSA Alive & Well at Colleges: Code MDA-904
Recent FBI Report Indicates That Crime in 2013 Was Down While Gun Sales at Record Highs
Missile Manufacturing Plants in Syria Iran Built
United States Was Ill-Equipped To Handle Ebola Rescues, State Department Contract Reveals
Russia Plans Several Long-Range Bomber Flights Near North American Waters: Agency
Dog Booked on Delta Flight Goes Missing
Drone Army Redefines 'Neighborhood Watch'
Henry Makow: Lesbians Wage Hate War on Men
UFOs Are Shutting Down Our Nuclear Missiles
Close Military Encounters Between Russia And The West Are ‘At Cold War Levels’ (PHOTOS)
Europe Makes Space History As The Philae Probe Finally Lands On Comet (LIVE STREAM)
The Empire of Chaos and the War on Drugs
Monsanto Is Killing People in Argentina
Study Says Brazilian Police Killed More Than 11,000 People in 5 Years, About 6 People Daily
George W. Bush Doesn't Regret the Iraq War
This Elaborate Map Shows Exactly How Climate Change Will Screw The Whole Wide World
The Global Economic End Game Explained
Future of Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication
Sokushinbutsu And The Ancient Japanese Monks That Mummified Themselves To Death
Millions of Kenyan Women Were Given Vaccines That Were Covertly Laced With Anti-Fertility Agent
Three Hundred and Fifty Year Old High Heels, Some Tea & Goblets Uncovered at an Irish Castle
Updated: Appeals Court Overturns Manslaughter Convictions of Six Earthquake Scientists in Italy
The Least Lovable People Need the Most Love
Does The Ebola Virus Even Really Exist?
Medical Journal Lists Fluoride as Neurotoxin
Garden Herbs to Use for Better Digestion
The Ocean Dead Zones Are Becoming Worse Around the Globe Due to Climate Change (PICS)
Is Earth In New Geological Phase Thanks To Us?
The Paracultural Calendar for November 11th
Interstellar: Last Mohicans and Elysian Fields
Massive Subsidies Underpin Oil, Coal Exploration
Obama Pushes for TPP Trade Deal in China
China Turns Up the Rhetoric Against the West
Boehner Kills Internet Sales Tax Bill (Updated)
US Investing 'Trillions' to Fight Wars for Israel
Robert Plant Turns Down $800 Million Big Ones
Hunter, The Hoaxer & The Battle Over Bigfoot
Inside Story of How Stuxnet Was Discovered
No More Big Bailouts: Bank of England Chief Says Banks Won’t Be Saved By the Taxpayers
History Channels's The Search For The Lost Giants: A Photograph, A Tooth, The Truth? (VIDEO)
Robots Are Coming for Your Job – If You’re Poor
From General Motors To General Mediocrity
Earth's Freshwater Reserves Are Disappearing
Twists and Turns: The Major Sandy Hook Motive Emerges - Wolfgang Was Forced Off the Road
Mexico Murder Victims Not Typical "Students"
Psychedelics Could Change the Way We Die
Gun Sales In And Around Ferguson Spike As The Residents Brace For The Grand Jury Decision
New Quantum Theory Out of This Parallel World
The West's Fatal Russia Mistakes: 1989-2014
Human Brain Waves Control Mouse Genes
The Stakes are High as the United States Plays the Mighty Oil Card Against Iran and Russia
The 85 Richest People on the Planet Now Have as Much Money as the Poorest 3.5 Billion
A Hacker Who Was Busted for Cracking Private, Government Networks Did So With Real Ease
This Is What Happens When Trying To Get To The Bottom Of The UBS Gold-Rigging Scandal
A New Deal For The ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks
A Recent Report Indicates That the Airstrikes Over Iraq Cost Canadian Taxpayers $90 Million
Nobody Counts the Police Killings in the U.S.
Israel Minister Quits Over Netanyahu's Policies
Newly Found Meghalitic Stone in Baalbeck
Where are the Bodies, MH17 Families Ask
Depopulation Vaccine in Kenya and Beyond
Britain Is Poised To Muzzle 'Extremist' Speech
China Wants Gold Reserves At 8500 Tonnes
China Unveils New Sophisticated Stealth Fighter
The Second Mega Energy Deal Signed as Beijing Becomes the Largest Buyer of Russian Gas
Quantum Leap Forward: China to Launch World’s Longest, ‘Hack-Proof’ Network by 2016
Ku Klux Klan Opens Door to Jews, Homosexuals and Black People in Bizarre Recruitment Drive
The Paracultural Calendar for November 10th
Vigilant Citizen: Michael Jackson’s “Secret Drawings” Reveal References to Mind Control
Israel Wants To Confiscate Over 3,000 Acres In The West Bank ‘For Military Purposes’ – Report
The DARPA Biotech Division Seeks New Ideas to Solve the Ebola Crisis, Prepare for ‘Next Thing’
PM Fund Manager: United States Will Start WW3 To Avoid Admitting Gold Reserves Are Now Gone
Remote Controlled Humans Via The Global Internet In Real-Time Is Now A Reality (UPDATE)
Three Ways Humanity Will Never Be The Same
Op Plumbbob: Psychology of a Nuclear Blast
Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment
Ebola Virus - Excuse for Ma$$ Vaccination?
Here Are Four Spices and Herbs That Will Really Improve All of Your Culinary Dishes (PHOTOS)
Canada Is Going To Establish The Very First Chinese Currency Hub Located in North America
Twenty-Five Years Later: How the Fall of the Berlin Wall Changed the Entire World (PHOTOS)
Toronto's Union St Reno Triggers Rat 'Spillover'
Biophotons Show That We Are Made Of Light

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